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Moments in Time

Moments in Time

A Look without Vision and a Listening without Words

Vision comes from within. It takes us where we want to go with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

When we have sight, it gives us the ability to see the physical world. When we have vision, it allows us to see beyond it. Sight gives us the ability to experience the world with knowledge. Stop and think about it. It allows us to feel pleasure through what we see. It could be colors and shapes, expressions of nature as well as people around us. It allows us to feel in control when we are moving forward or when things are coming towards us. It also gives us the ability to see where we are at any given moment in time. When you read a book or sign, do you stop and think about the fact you can do that because you have sight? What would it be like if you couldn’t see your partner, a child, a sunset, or even your favorite animal with their expressions, their fears or even their tears?

On a whole different note, what are the gifts of not having sight? Could it be you can see more clearly when you cannot see the world through your eyes? If you were to close your eyes, and go into a meditative state, can you not become more in touch with our inner world when we are not so distracted by our outer world? Is it too dark to want to travel within?

Vision comes from within. It enables us to go through the energies of darkness, thought, feeling and emotion.

What about being able to hear? Do we pay attention to the presence of noise and sounds in our everyday world? Can we truly hear our children’s cries, or our desire to be heard and our passion to communicate with others? What if you had no ability to hear, what would your world sound like? Would it be safe to say you would listen with your heart, listen through your sight, and listen through your touch? Would you be able to hear music through the beats of the musical instruments from the floor, vibration of a table or your hands on the walls? Would you be able to feel emotions through vibrations of the spirit and learn to hear more closely with your heart?

We don’t have to have sight or hearing to communicate. We just need to connect with the spirit within.

As we age, even with perfect eyesight or hearing, we will begin to lose a certain aspect of acuity. Even with some of the loss, it will usually be replaced with inner vision and inner knowing. It is our time of grace, our time to share the wisdom of our lives, and to be a light to those who are not connected to their surroundings. The worldly sounds and the business of life isn’t as important as the moment in time when we engage in the inner vision of life’s beauty. This is where we experience life through intuition without sound or without sight, just being present to what IS. Being present to our inner selves. That spiritual essence that makes us who we are.

Sarah Bush


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