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My Experience

I am a product of lifes learning curve. I have worked on the streets with kids for 28 years. Gang intervention for 10. Worked as an Assist Warden who trained over a 3-year period in a State Prison Facility for men and women. I have served as a Victims Advocate for 30+ years in domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicide. I have a center that assists in the transformative process of healing one’s body due to emotions that have been buried due to trauma spiritually, emotionally and physically. I am a passionate coach/healer who listens to the heart that is earning for something greater than where they are when they come to me. I am a mother of 1 fabulous son and a strong supporter of God.

Identifying Yourself

In order to learn to change one’s thoughts, it first must be broken down into simple elements so that we understand the makeup of our belief system. Who and what our identity is creates our choices, right or wrong. Learning is about growing. Together, we will start the process of identifying blocks that exist, and what you believe is true about yourself versus your story that makes up who you are right now. We all have an idea of who we are, but it doesn’t always serve our desires, our purpose or our passions. Our fears and our failures keep us from reaching what we really want.

Creating Forward Thinking

I am sensitive to the style and make up of the audience. It starts with a story about who they are, and how their life has been created by the emotional elements that they live by. I like to use visual training, but cannot always do that due to where I am asked to train. Instead, I come up with interactive exercises between me and the audience. I also use problem solving games where they have to work as teams to come up with not just a way to solve it, but a reason it will be effective in 2-5 years. I create forward thinking.

Healing The Heart

To come to something I offer is to know that my desire in my message is to Heal the Heart. In turn, that heals the part of the body that is shut down. It makes no difference if I am teaching team building, entrepreneurship, board retreats and visioning, or the Emotional Vibration of the Body, each message has to do with the individual that is participating, and how their values and beliefs effect the over all aspects of their life and projects. Much like a puzzle, each person is uniquely designed to fit with a larger purpose. Each participant learns about their value and how important it is to the over-all movement of change and their own quality of life.


For motivational speaking, I cover entrepreneurship, vision and
mission statement development, board and staff team building,
and a Seminar in Search of Wholeness and Spiritual Healing.
Cost will be based on time and travel.


 WHY is about truly reaching in and looking at the puzzle in our heart that keeps us yearning, but not acting.  It is the soul purpose of what moves us forward and many times we aren’t sure what that is.


"As the Executive Director of a non-profit, choosing the right trainer for my staff is critical. Sarah Bush is that person. She spent time getting to know the staff, our agency and our collective goals. Sarah was open, honest and straightforward. Every group has at least one challenging member, Sarah was able to engage everyone at their level for the good of the agency and the work we are doing in our community. If you want an honest, straightforward and productive staff training, look no farther than Sarah Bush. Thank you Sarah for all you do! Hays Caldwell Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse."

Grace L. Davis Board Approved Supervisor


Cost is based on numbers of sessions and discounts are available for 6 sessions or more.

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