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Coaching-Matters of the Heart

In order to get free from the monsters that live inside, there are a few helpful things to know before kicking them out!

We must understand the condition of the heart, the function of the heart, the keeper of the heart, and the purpose of the heart. And there’s no better place to find those answers than to ask God who created our heart in the first place.

Because many of us have seen the ups and downs of things in our lives that affect our heart, we get nervous when we delve into the abyss of emotions with the help of Jesus to find what is really going on in there. But if we are ever going to fully understand ourselves and find wholeness, we must try to find out what’s inside and why God has given us hearts in the first place.

I have often wondered if God had put a zipper down the front of my chest and took a good look down into my heart, what would I see. Without warning it would bring up nasty traits like insecurity, anxiety, jealousy, and anger. Now I see it as a way of looking within my fear of what damage was done based on pain that had built up inside of it. Stop for a moment and just be with this!

Based on the swirling emotions you must have experienced with childhood trauma, you more than likely had no clue how to begin healing a heart that had been beaten by shame, rejection, inadequacy, fear, anxiety and all the other monsters that tagged along with them.

So many times, we pray hard to keep these feeling from surfacing or even affecting our lives and beliefs as we grow up. You are a dedicated believer who genuinely adores God but as most do, you did the best you could by picking yourself up and attempted to walk through life carrying the extra weight.

We are raised in a Christian culture that did a great job of teaching us about God and who we needed to be for Him. Worship, service, pure actions, and prayer were always the primary focus of a devoted life. You did and do great deeds, good works, ministry, and Christian duties. In your life you saw improvement of things that you thought were lacking or broken within yourself. Most times we never attempt to understand the design of your God-given heart.

According to God, the heart He designed determines the course of your life. Your original heart isn’t a bad thing, because it was dreamed up by a good Father who only creates good things.

Your heart is where your feelings originate. Every one of your emotions and thoughts grows like a tree out of your core beliefs, revealing your heart on each matter.

The New Testament Greek word for heart, kardia, means thoughts or feelings (mind) and is also defined as the middle or center.

This center inside is the part that makes your special and unique, distinguishing you from the other people in the world, even more so than your physical body.

You are so loved.

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