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There are so many benefits of different kinds of body work.  Massage is not only stress releasing, but many times releases pain that is more tension related.  Many studies have shown that regular massage and/or other types of body work keeps the immune system strong and resistant from disease.  The human body responds strongly to touch. Body work opens the lymphatic system.  The lymph system is the first responder to infections and disease. The smoother it runs, the less likely you are to become vulnerable to disease and disorders.  It also works in tandem with the blood.  Blood carries life-giving oxygen throughout the body.  

It also lowers blood pressure, increases flexibility, lowers anxiety and depression, reduces inflammation and swelling, and provides a greater enjoyment in one’s life. Massage, and all other modalities I offer, provide an increase in even my quality of life.  I also know that I enjoy improving the quality of life for others.

Listed below are other therapies I offer that also affect the issues I have listed above.  We determine together the best path for the greatest results.  Your health and balance are the ultimate outcomes we can master together.  Many have found that they have been able to get off certain medications as their body becomes stronger.


Therapeutic Massage $55.00




How can the Bowen technique be integrated in a treatment program:  

The Bowen technique is a complementary modality, meaning it will enhance and complement, not interfere with other medical attention. However, manipulation, deep tissue massage, acupuncture or the use of electro-therapy immediately following a Bowen session can undermine its effectiveness. This is since following a Bowen session, the body most often continues to go through changes for the next 2 to 5 days, from self-adjustments to a noticeable release of toxins. This self-healing process can be short circuited by applying other modalities too soon. The ideal situation when possible is to give the technique a try for 3 sessions, once per week, without any other modality in between, this is usually enough to know if a patient is going to benefit from it. When deep structural imbalances are present, after a few Bowen sessions I often start alternating on a weekly basis Bowen and Stretching Therapy for example. This alternating schedule can be worked out effectively with many other kinds of modalities without interference. I have found it to be effective with pre and post-surgery, trauma, stroke, PTSD, etc.


The Bowen Technique does not seek to treat specific condition or disease but rather to gently stimulate the body to heal itself.



Acupressure has been shown to be effective for relieving a variety of pains.  Much like a GPS system, using light touch and body meridians to balance the imbalance, it helps to address the body’s ability to lessen the origin which is causing pain.  I feel by incorporating acupressure into my practice as an alternative therapy it helps to facilitate patients who suffer from pain.  Each session gets evaluated to determine the correct therapy of care.


Acupressure $55.00


Face-Lift Massage

Many therapies work in the areas of body balancing and emotional wellbeing.  This type of massage works the muscles of the face, helps to eliminate toxins, increases circulation in the face and neck and creates a sense of peace within the whole emotional element of one’s body. Everything used on the face and body are organic and good for the skin.

In addition to the facial area and neck, the individual receives a full body massage which only adds to the peace and calming effects of the work.

It is hard to not float out and keep feeling ones face when they leave.  It is a “magical” experience, per my clients!


Face-Lift Massage  $75.00


Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release $55.00



Every day, your body constantly takes in free radicals and toxins from your environment- from eating, drinking, smoking, or even just breathing. Over time, this build-up of toxic substances in your body can cause unhealthy feelings and sluggishness.

The Ion Detox Body Toxin Cleanse is done by your feet being submerged in a bath of special natural cleansers connected to electrodes which will deliver a low-level electric current that will produce ions in the solution. This solution will then stimulate the cells in your body in order to balance your energy. Toxins will visibly start to drain out of your body- you’ll be shocked at how much there is! You will feel a difference by the end of the Ion Detox Body Toxin Cleanse session.

Our Ion Detox Body Toxin Cleanse has numerous health benefits, to name a few

  • Relaxation

  • Detoxification

  • Energy balance

  • Improved sleep $40.00


**Contraindicated for those who have a pacemaker and open sores or lesions on his/her foot.

Diabetes Type 1 should use therapy with precaution.



Most ask me “how many times a month should I come?”  I always answer, “how is self-care set up in your life’s schedule?”  There is no set answer.  I just make it possible for one to love my work so much, they come back out of desire!

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