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Welcome. I’m so happy you’re here, and I’m proud you’ve made the step to visit me.

I’m Sarah Bush, and I am authentically me. I strive for my words to be pure, my heart to exude love, and my arms to be open to all people, everywhere.

I have studied the human heart from a spiritual perspective for over 52 years.  I have developed and honed the ability to embrace people from exactly where they are and learn where they want to be. My ability to understand their desires and help them reach deep into their hearts isn’t easy- it takes willingness to understand nonverbal communication, to intuit their deepest pain, and to exude safety for them to see their true beauty.

This journey is all about balancing your health, spirituality, and who you are as an individual. Walking your own path to self-actualization can be daunting, especially when going it alone; but realize this, you are never alone. I am with you every step of the way. 




I am an intelligent, creative professional who engages others in

emotional, physical and spiritual growth, creating healing change in

families, and engages youth in a dynamic way to live life in a more

positive way.


I facilitate seminars, staff trainings and retreats in human development

with focus on self-awareness, self-esteem, relationships, team building,

unresolved guilt and grief, organizational dynamics and conflict,

volunteer board development, and community health and awareness.


I am also a Development Coach for issues related to areas that stop our

personal growth, limiting beliefs, and spiritual purpose. Many who want

direction in their life with issues that they want changed must first

determine the blocks and their fears.


In addition, I specialize in healing emotional and physical traumas in the

body, with special focus on auto-immune disorders.


Heal the Heart, Heal the Body!


There are so many benefits of different kinds of body work.  Massage is not only stress releasing, but many times releases pain that is more tension related.  Many studies have shown that regular massage and/or other types of body work keeps the immune system strong and resistant from disease.  The human body responds strongly to touch. Body work opens the lymphatic system.  The lymph system is the first responder to infections and disease. The smoother it runs, the less likely you are to become vulnerable to disease and disorders.  It also works in tandem with the blood.  Blood carries life-giving oxygen throughout the body.  



Sarah Bush is a spiritual motivation speaker and body healer. She is

affiliated with A Quiet Place and David Drapela. David is a spiritual

motivational speaker and recording artist as well as one who writes

music and a life-time of writings.


Together they share their heart, wisdom and life-time stories. Sarah

goes on to not only speak to organizations and individual coaching, but also offers problem solving through team development.


Sarah also works in the world of trauma and body imbalances. When you heal the heart, you heal the body. Please enjoy my website.



This is my testimonial regarding my body and how Sarah Bush has helped me. I was in car accident 10 years ago. The results from that have had a lingering residual on my upper body - neck and shoulder pain. Sarah works wonders with my pain when I'm in flare. I appreciate her more than she'll ever know. Thank you Sarah :) Hugs forever and always.

-Mabel V.

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Healing The Heart

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